- Project is over

So, the deadline for me was today. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow i go to Barcelona for the week end! 
I managed to be satisfied with what i handed in to Paul, which was my primary objective. The second was probably to end up with something worth to go to the portfolio. I think i've managed that one too.
There is, of course, loads to do still, and, i could have done things better, but, hey, at one stage one must stop. 
So, to celebrate my Barcelona trip i went to the photography department and rented a 35 mm camera. Super friendly the guys downstairs, as always, not only spared some time to show me some tricks but also gave me an extra film. That was nice. For free.
I would like to come up with a concept to photograph. People. Or building. Or shapes. Something. The idea would not so much to document my staying, but to profit my stage or relaxation (week end, Barcelona...) to try and ad something new to my collection of work.. Well, i leave tomorrow, but any ideas?
Above is my final outcome, printed, binded with a spiral, photographed, and inserted in the presentation. It's a spread of a small booklet for tourist visiting Borough and Bankside...
Have a nice one.

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