- Tate interactive

Tate Trumps uses the Tate Modern’s Wi-Fi connection to activate the game. It will only work if for people that are actually at the gallery. Veiwers have 30 minutes to go trough the galleries and pick art on their smart phone using codes that are on every piece exposed.

Up to three players can play and the aim is to collect art that they think would win agianst their your opponents - family or friends - in one of three different game categories - battle, mood or collect. 

The visitor must collect seven pieces of art and no two players can select the same piece and at the end of time, the different players start a “battle”. 

This is very interactive and the visitor definitely is obliged to merge with the cultural space. Win or lose, there will be an explanation on why certain results are the way the are. This way the learning process is more fun and easy to remember.

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