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So, yesterday i went on to the ICA with the intention of gathering some more information about the place. My intention was to have an idea of who is the audience that visits the place. My plan was to sit in front of the door and note, for one hour (16:23 - 17:23) how many men and women aged more or less than 35 years old, how many boys and girls, entered. Very very boring.

Way more interesting then my data research was what was happening inside. As part of the "Live weekends" program, the day was organized by SHUNT, an organization based on Bermondsey Street that runs live art, performance, music, films, installations, workshops, theatre and parties.

I entered. I moved to the right and, on the lower gallery things had changed since my last visit. The space looked bigger, crowded, lights dimmed down. Music was strange but interesting. There were some exhibits, but, what immediately caught my attention was some people around what seemed like a sewing workshop. It wasn't. It was a stitching race. This apparently absurd race consisted of two competitors, sitting side by side, competing for the fastest time running through a board race. You had to be fastest than anyone else to go into the leader-board, but, any stitches outside the track would ad seconds to your time. I was quite good, 78 in total, that was 2 seconds to slow to make it third place...

Next to it there was another attraction. A galaxy inside a mail pole (you know, this typical British male iron cilinders where you drop your letters, i don't know the name). You had to capture planets by rotating a handle. Funny.

This was being runned by Angie and Fergus, a freelance producer and a visual artist. It was a pleasure talking to them, very inspiring for my current project also. They are Ordinary adventures, check them out.

My point of interest was, something apparently so silly and naive was the center of attraction. People were engaged with it. People were curious. People wanted to participate. People wanted to win. People left talking and smiling about it.

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