- The DIY solution for the ICA

Paul had told me that i need to experiment more in my designs. To get out of my comfort zone. (well, he doesn't really know that conform zone is something i don't have at the moment...) That is what this project is all about. This is my solution to the brief, "how to increase audience participation within the ICA?". Hum? Is this right? Yes. Well, from the beginning, my target audience are first time visitors. This can many times be, passer byes. Because the ICA is located on the Mall, thousands of tourists pass in front in direction (or coming from) the Buckingham Palace. My research shows that tourists do not seem very much interested in the ICA though.. It's a shame, for them, and for the Institute. So, my idea, and taking in consideration the first time visitors is to define the spaces inside the building more clearly. The identification happens through color, which is generated with felt-tip pens. Cheap, and different.

But the truth is that not all my presentation looks as pretty as those 2 images. I really feel the lack of technical knowledge, photoshop and all that stuff. I waste loads of time..... eh... experimenting... Paul would be proud..

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