- I have a plan!

This image is a snap shot of the idea that i had for my current project. I have very little time. But i'm cool with it. For the first time in my life (well, at least as a designer) i am close to a deadline, i don't have the work ready at all, and i am not stressed about it. It feels great. This project has been a funny one. I didn't really wanted this one but that's the one i ended up with....


I missed the briefing, i was in Barcelona. Then it took me forever to be able to understand the brief. Then i went to quite a few exhibitions, galleries, museums. And websites. I met the ICA from the inside. I was in a talk with one of the architects responsible for the new entrance design (without the glass box).

Ideas would not come. Well, they would, but the stepping stone process from there seemed always impossible. I presented my ideas last monday to Jo (our tutor on this project) She liked them but.. I knew i had to develop one of them further and focus only on that.

So, instead, i worked on the presentation of the research. Did nothing to develop one of the ideas further. Today i havent done it either up to around 11pm. I redecorated my living room. With my flat mates. And i went for dinner with my sister. And i watched Barcelona against Arsenal. And i didn't stress about the deadline.

Suddenly, i found a way, that responds the brief, well (in my opinion) and that might still be able to completed by 80% until next Monday, date of final presentation. It was in fact, one of my original ideas that broke with the status of "impossible".

This "corridor" bubble is not just a bubble but for now i prefer not describing the idea further than this.

Tomorrow... loads of work to do. 
See you

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