- ICA project

What started as a really promising boring project, ended up actually becoming quite cool.

These are two of my ideas for the ICA project. On the first, i propose the wall to be painted. There are 9 stripes, the same number as spaces inside the institute. I believe that this could work out well, as a first step in the task of enhancing audience participation. (my target audience are passer byes, mainly tourists)  This would then break the ice on the approach to the foyer (first gallery space you see yourself in when you enter). On another side, tourists would have a place where they could photograph themselves. Free publicity for the ICA in all of those Facebook "London Albuns"

The other idea is to completely get rid of the metallic sign. It looks terrible. I describe it as a hospital or school, or factory sign. It isn't contemporary, it doesn't read experimental, not beneficial whatsoever. So i propose that instead of removing it - let's take in consideration the limited budget of the ICA - we recycle it. It could merge with those 4 metallic poles that are doing nothing, and become both a sculpture and a bicycle park. To make it more attracting, an old, big wheeled bicycle would be chained there...

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