- Workshop with Paul

Last week we had a workshop with Paul on how to externalize thoughts. It was super cool.
We were separated in groups of three people. Each group had an object. Ours was this one.
We had something like 5 minutes to "describe, understand and explore our objects". Some really funny things came up.
Here's ours,

Yellow, porcelain, with a handle, white, hollow, inanimate, pt mark, round top view, cone shaped, layered, light, container, solid, curvy, angled, hand held, boring, plain, stained, used, reusable, washable, sharable, part of a set, microwavable, smooth, untextured, asymmetric, breakable, cheap, multifunctional, replaceable, forgettable, heat conducting, steady, skewed.

To what does it relate to:
Coffee, liquids, rice, kitchen, living room, mornings, cigarettes, grandmas, desk, stains, working, heat, sugar, bonsai, finger, biscuits, winter, breakfast, toasts, t-bags, cup a soup, glass, drinking, steam, student, lemon, Portugal, washing, magician, performance, wet, flower, hat, wedding cake, wheel, sand bucket.

And, the purpose of such an exercise would be, for example, to have different ways of looking at things when having to illustrate them abstractly. In this case was a book cover. Our group idea was o have some beach castles (because they are containers as well), with some small chinese flags on top (because of their porcelain tradition).

Really nice one hour workshop. Try it, its fun.

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