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So, this is me going back to the GDF Project. I had an idea before, but it didn't make very much sense. Considering my target audience, 15-20 inner city kids, the message, become greener, and the client, a global corporation, i selected this as the best concept to develop further.My concept here is: By offering your mother a pot of parsley instead of some flowers, you are helping mother nature as well... No packaging, reusable, releases O2... therefore you are becoming greener. And... it's cheap, which fits perfectly the notion of teenager (they never have money) and inner city (have no nature around).I took quite a few books from the library, and am browsing them, not really reading, just looking for graphic styles that i could apply here. Such as collage, illustration, with different materials, different scenario, etc. One of the books is recommended a couple of posts above, the other is Tactile by Sven Ehmann, M. Hubner and Robert Klanten, very good for inspiration.

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