- Design application test

In a moment of crazyness, at the last minute i though about changing the typeface that i had selected as part of the identity of Bankside & Borough. No, i'll stick to the first one, Museo. The other one, if you are interested is Admark. Copy and "subheading" are set in Frutiger Light in both cases. The logotype, by the way, if Frutiger Bold. This piece is supposed to work as a double page spread, as an advert for billboard, or any kind of landscape poster. I made a series of 4, will post them soon. Scary, Spicy, Catchy and Easy. They all finish with an "y" you noticed... The answer, "y"not? (who is also the studio with whom we worked on this project)

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  1. Very cool, we#ll miss london, beijo