- Designing a typeface

So, as part of the vernacular typography workshop, i ended up doing something, that indeed doest not quite match up (just yet) with the examples of Mike Perry. But this was the idea that i had in class, Katy approved it, so i continued developing the idea at home. I've drawn it based on the rules found on the Elephant and Castle shopping centre logo. (You you are wondering why did i pick up such a grrrrrr logo, it's because it needs to relate to the area, and the design in the area is... let's say, strongly identifiable).
Most of all, and that is the reason why i stoke (the past of sticking) to the idea was because i really enjoyed the process. I am at half way to what i visualize as the end of the development. Now i want to bring these measurements into illustrator, and build it digitally. Wasting too much time on this though...

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