- Positive/Negative workshop

Yesterday we had a workshop with Paul on the subject of infographics. I have to be honest, did not quite understand some things, starting at the name of the workshop - Positive and negative space. I thought it would be something totally different. Anyway. What we ended up doing was to anotate, from a daily newspaper, what were the positive, and the negative articles on it. Bit strange.. From that we would end up with a graphical result. In our case, pink were bad, green were good. Now we are supposed to extend this. To follow a daily newspaper for a week and register some sort of oppositional information. I keep thinking about man/woman content for the first page. But that sounds so boring, so done, and on top it doesn't relate to London - requisite.. I would have rather not assigned myself to this one... Well, lets see how it ends up.

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