- Architecture of lines workshop

So this corresponds to pages 135 and 136. A double spread from my final major project, the book called
 "Seeing London through the eyes of a designer". Chapter 12 - "Rules".The workshop that gave place to this chapter was about coming up with a London Architectural landmark that would instantly become a touristic attraction. (Attracting this way media, a bit the london eye effect). And this was my proposal. A solarium. A place to venerate the sun. To be placed in Hide Park. To be covered in grass, the same existing grass on the park. It camuflages itself in the envirenment. 3 levels, each with a small forest in the middle. Not only works as a Solarion on the three levels but also produces shade to those who prefer to stay at ground level. The shade moves with the Sun. People move with the Sun. To be produced with recycled crushed brick, wood and earth.

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