- I'm lovin it

This is an ad i ended up at, and really enjoyed. Then i think, but, there are so many good adverts that never show on the TV. This must mean, that this great ads are being produced to be shown at other places than television, like the internet, planes, cinemas. There is something i'd like to investigate actually...

For reference and for your own pleasure, please check bunchdesign.com, they are the creative team responsible for this video, and the ones who have loads of other fantastic stuff on their portfolio.


  1. A bit sad that it is for a big corporation, very non-environmentlly friendly like macdonalds...

  2. concerning non environmentally, they are changing os some things. such as, from now on, their fish will come only from sustainable sources. That might sound little to you but bear in mind that Muslim people mainly eat the filet o fish, because it's the only halal option.

    The main environmentally impacting problem of mcdonalds is the amount of meat they sell. This meat needs fields to grow and be fed. But it is not Mcdonalds fault. Its the systems fault, we eat to much meat.

    You can decide where you buy your meat. And because the majority of the population is working class, poor/middle class, mcdonalds sells more, because they are cheap.

    (Sara, i am currently working in the PR department of an agency that runs mcdonalds ads, be quiet.

    Thanks you for commenting.

  3. It is mcdonalds fault that they exploit meat consumption habits.

    Advertising can change habits... you have to see mad men season 4 :)

    And not only meat, packaging and more packaging, not sure they can recycle oily paper