- First class

These are the first three of a series of one hundred
collages i will have to produce.
This is part of a project from my degree at the
London College of Communication, which will
hopefully see ten thousand pieces of work
displayed on the hottest gallery in town just before
These three were produced as a series of five, and
for such task we (i'm not the only one in class...)
were given 30 minutes. The idea was to reduce
the elements to a minimum, leaving as much white
space as possible and allowing the concept to go
Here my boards have been cropped or placed in
an environment which interacts with the piece itself,
so i guess the displaying of the work becomes easier. In the exhibition you wont be looking at a reproduction of the work but at the original. Tough tough tough...
Yes, there will be a note in a near future
for those interested in attending the event.

DAY 4.

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