- Visual and Cultural Theory

This post comes after reading John Berg's essay that constitutes the first chapter of the book Ways of seeing. Press cmd or ctrl so you wont leave this blog.

The image below is a copy of a Van Gogh's painting. John Berger used it to explain is view. It is an example on how do words affect the way we see. Have a look look at it and think about what does it make you feel. Make a pause.

This was Van Gogh's last paint before suicide.
One goes back to the painting. Suicide. It's choking. One finds him(her)self trying to read Van Gogh's strokes in the canvas, one sees the black birds, the blues, whatever one sees, one will have been affected by the words of death.
And no, i don't have any obsession by death or anything like that, but from the entire essay, it was the example that most made me understand what John Berger means. How do words affect the way we see. And that's it, that's my post for today.

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