- Friday classes are in the studio..

Well, they must be really serious about this blog thing. I am in class and the next 40 minutes are dedicated to blogging. I don't really feel like blogging...
The day was, again, very cool. Collages, some collages and at the end we did some collages. I sound sarcastic, wrong, funny its the term. I really like this collaging thing.
Obviously today and just today i forgot the cable that connects my iphone to my computer, therefore i cannot visually share with you what le jour was about. I can, but later..
First exercice was about cropping images. You are never really being taught, this course seems to work more by doing, comparing, critiquing. (no, i'm not stupid and am aware that this is a way of teaching, but im refering to not being taught in the classical, tedious, old fashion, academic way..) So, you do the exercise, this first one was in groups, then you expose it and wait for the others to finish. In the middle you walk around, you talk, you help, wuau! The second exercise was about telling a story with images, in a narrative way (yeah, a story then..). Moment to moment, action to action, subject to subject, scene to scene, aspect to aspect and sequitor were the options available. Dont ask me exactly what do they mean, i don't know, but you just try and get the feeling of things, start working and things start to come. It is in fact a nice exercise for me, control freak, that forces me to go wilder, to dare, to think and act at the same time instead of spending hours and hours thinking before starting. You see the kind... The particularity of this narrative was that we could only use three images. Interesting. I hope you will find my work inside the category scene to scene, because that was my intention.
Lunch was, of course, FISH AND CHIPS.
Well, in the afternoon we were asked to make a poster where the image and the words loose their original context and create a new one. There is a video about it, i hope it will fit blogspot's web requirements, and ill share it with you. What a mess! What a beauty! Art school!
And now is blogging time, bit strange, but hey, a man got a do what his teacher tells him to do, some times..
Have a good week end.

First exercise. Cropping images.

Exercise number 2. The narrative. Scene to scene.

Scene to scene..

Last exercise

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