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When i chose this image to bring to the VCT class, i thought it would be a spot on example on how do words interact with images. I am not to sure about that anymore, but, as an extra exercise to myself, ill try to complicate things by keeping it as my task source. And the task is to write about it. The same story as a couple of posts bellow - How do words interact with images - and my image is the hey with the curled edge from Ed Ruscha.

In my chosen example, the word, is, the image. How many times have you read the word "hey"? Did you think about it? You don't need to, you just know there will be a continuation of words after that one.
The word in this painting is addressing the viewer in a friendly way. The entire image is demanding attention and it is very difficult to resist. It's effect is almost hypnotizing. The viewer is invited into a dialog that cannot exist and one is ultimately forced to abandon the communication process, there wont be any answer to what you might have to say. It's frustrating. I don't particularly like the feeling of frustration but as the effect of seeing a piece of art i find it fascinating.
With this work Ed Ruscha created an effect where seeing comes alongside the word and its meaning. In this case, seeing, does not come before the words. Both come together. The word is being used because of its meaning and because of its shape. As i write this words, i realize that i am addressing the concept of "word" as a typographer would and eventually not as Monica (the teacher) wanted me to. In any case i feel a certain relief from this realization...
I'll continue from this perspective.
The other interesting thing, (and now i know what is my perspective of addressing this piece of writing) is that the word hey is painted on the canvas but as if on a piece of paper of which you can see the borders. Very interesting. Not only the shape and meaning of the word is to be considered but also the elements that brings it to life, the paper and the black ink. With out them the word exists only in the platform of meaning and cannot be seen. Blah blah blah blah blah...

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