- The end of fourth week

So, the course came to the end of it's fourth week. It feels as the end of something. And actually it is. What we've done so far is is mostly documented in this blog. We are in the middle of term one, double this time and it will be Christmas again. Man, time goes madly fast!

In this first four weeks of the course i feel i've developed immensely. Being around creative people, each with their style, their likes, their ways of being in the design world, is, what once was my dream. During these four weeks i've had workshops on ideas generation, on image, on type, i've worked alone and in groups, i've had to rush, to do collages, to blog and i had four fish and chips portions in the canteen. From letterpress to visual and cultural theory classes, i get the impression that everything is related. Things may sound a bit vague and general at times, the 2 hour project briefs are very very loose, but i sense an indescribable connection between all of them, Graphic Design.

Five key concepts from first four weeks: process, system, research, sketches, ideas.

Week five is like a break. We will have only one class this week, VCT, on Thursday. We will have a individual tutorial with a teacher. Mine is on Tuesday, with Joshua, from 2 to 2:30. I must bring a filled questionnaire, then we'll talk about how's the course going so far, what do i think could change, describe how you see the course, you see the kind.. I can describe the course, the tutors, the college, everything, with one word, fantastic.
And that's it, week 5.
I am however very aware that i need to reorganize myself, get an agenda, stop working so many hours at the Union cafe, clean my desk and address seriously time management. This kind of things, you see.. I've started already. I've printed an A4 month of November and wrote down the stuff that i am assigned to for the next four weeks. Its great. Its in my wall, just in front of me. Time is no longer messy (apart from my handwriting) but structured in a lovely grid. Try it, it makes you feel really competent. Click here for a printable PDF of November.

Weeks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, are already structured, there will be:

  • GDF group tutorials on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • 2 x 2.5 hours of personal and professional development (PPD)
  • Technical skill workshops on animation, web design and InDesign

To be honest there is stuff that i still don't understand. I am confused about exactly how am i going to address the essay we must write for VCT, about the GDF, confused about other stuff that i booked myself into, or not. I was actually getting frustrated by not being able to understand everything, i almost started to complain about the course (by accusing it of not being very clear in its timetable), when i realized that it is all part of the process of learning. In the industry not everything is clear and easily available. Organizing myself alone suddenly seemed like a task, and became easier to address. And that is what i intend to do this week, alongside with the collages, the essay, the A to Z project, the PPD, uffff...i love being busy!

Thanks for following, have a great week.

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