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Well, this is the account for last Tuesday. OMG, yesterday i mean..
At 10:25 i was in class. This time i wasn't the last one to arrive. The day started with the group tutorial with Daren. We are 9 (or so) in the group, we all have the same variable, but we all chose different Global organisations as clients. Mine, yes, Apple. The tutorial works a bit like brainstorm. Or, i guess it's the purpose of it. It's interesting to hear peolples ideas and the beauty is those ideas are for share. I mean, if i like someone idea, i can take it.
My idea so far as how to express my creativity in this project is with a movie. I would like to recreate the story of the Get a Mac adverts (bellow), but, sort of in the future. This time you dont have the Mac guy, but the Mac teenager. On the other side, you dont have the PC guy, but the Mac teenager number two. Number two is the son of PC guy, so dresses the same. The dialog is related to carbonfoot print, where Mac 1 explains how much he cycles (and so on in as many spots). The Mac 2 has clrealy "suffered" the effects of education from a PC guy, therefore his perspective on carbonfootprint is always related with calcules and spreadsheets.
You see the idea... It works for the client, and the message is transmited from teens to teens.. At the end, with a slogan around "Simply buying a mac you are becoming greener..."

Bellow are some examples of what we visually produce in this group tutorials. Note that we have around 1.5 hours so produce ideas + generate a visual... It's fast.

After this tutorial we had a workshop (yes i'd also prefer to call them all classes, but either you get used, or you get confused..) with David. On how to produce PDF presentations. With links between pages, quite easy and handy tool to know how to handle. You can almost build a website made out of PDFs. You can even insert video on it. In fact, it was super cool to learn about. Of course in class, (50 minutes) we don't really produce much, but good for the future.

After that was a quick lunch and move on the Central St. Martins where Catherine was waiting for a couple of us. The point was to send us, again in groups (they all love groups) (of 3) to look for design agencies. Note that we are close to Farringdon, the place (i didn't know) where you find the most concentration of creatives in London. The task was to get a business card, a photo from anagency and, if possible, an interview with a designer.
It was quite easy, almost surprisingly. First try and we end up in UNITY. We were just a bit unconfortable, hello, can we come in, we are students of the LCC blah blah blah, it was a bit surreal. We didnt have any real reason to be there inside, so, 2 minutes later, we left.

This is the video i made inside, very quickly, without really knowing why i was rushing because the guy said we could make pictures... He was really nice. He told us, (himself surprised with our show) that we were welcome to come back but to make an appointment first. Nice...


And that was it. Came home and continued to work. There is always something to do, and if you have nothing to do, you can make a new post on your blog, and when you finish you suddenly remember that you still miss 42 collages, and... Two weeks for the term to finish. Then Christmas and everything..
Well, see you.

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