- Pathetic

This was an idea that was in my head for a while. I dont consider it a finished product, it's just an idea, a concept, so far. Been thinking about running a sequence of those. About how are you supose to eat a kitkat, or something along that "frivolous" tone.. Don't forget kitkat is the number one chocolate bar in the UK.
Just an idea..


  1. Holly crap, exactly what you explained to me the other day!! Our minds are in sync with one another in this universe!!

    BUT I still get the chills to see this, how dare a person bite a KitKat in such a manner - where's the love and where's the respect in eating one of our most delicate chocolates?
    First you need to gently break at one of the slender pieces with that distinctive "crack" then close your eyes and bite the tip off, feeling the smoothness of the milky chocolate and the roughness of the wafer and think how beautifully they are made together - then slowly ingest it in your salivated mouth soon to be absorbed into your body!