- Apple research

So, i've decided to do research on Apple. Apple is my client for the GDF project and it's from them that i took an advert to analyze on the VCT essay. I like Apple, i like it more after my research.

I just love this ads. Click here, so see all 66 of those that were shown in America. (30 seconds films). It's the American version. The campaign started in 2006 featuring movies both on the television and internet and the agency that developed the concept was (is) the agency TBWA/Media arts lab. since 2009 no more were produced Six different versions were made for the American, English, Japanese, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand markets althought they all follow the same simplicity and cleverness. Originally the conversations that the Mac guy and PC guy had the function to put in evidence the more general benefits of owning a mac instead of a PC in the day to day life out of the office. With Windows 7 coming Apple used the ads structure to make fun, for example, on the 8 or 9 different options of Operative system that come with windows 7, from home, to office, to professional, to educational.... Apple operative system is one only.

I've also read different articles in different websites and found out something interesting. Did you know, that the bite on the Apple's mark, was designed to accommodate the shape of the "a" on their original logotype? Nor did i. "According to the logo designer, Ryan Smith, the typeface was selected for its playful qualities and techno look, in line with Apple's mission statement of making high technology accessible to anyone. Janoff designed the logo in 1976 while working with Palo Alto marketer Regis McKenna."

I've also spent an hour and 35 minutes watching an interview with Steve Jobs at the D8 interview. The interview covers just about everything Apple is on at the moment and it seems that they have it all covered, and well. Jobs' answers are clear and if you want to understand just a bit better what are the stakes of the arts in the technology business, spare your next hour and a half watching this. It's amazing.
Steve jobs defines the ipad as something almost magical. I understand what he means. It is a product that will dictate the new generation of home entertainment. Say what you want, but the truth is that almost everyone in this side of the world spends hours and hours on their desk or laptop computers. The ipad doesn't work as a computer. It has a different software. You have the apps. Data shows that ipad users use considerably less the search option (google...) than with comparison to when using a computer. The tablets (such as the ipad) will take over the personnal computer, in the next years and that is the magic. Something that was just about to be considered as a home necessity is going to be over-throned by a new development. The home computer gone? You must be joking! No. At least Steve is not...


  1. I'm sure you read the myth about Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, committing suicide eating a cyanide-filled apple.

  2. Yes, i've heard that story. i don't really believe it...
    But anyway, the curve of the bite was determined by that typeface even if the concept of the bite came first. And its rather a silly curiosity that i wanted to share...

  3. have you seen the ads, dont you like them?