- Advertising agencies open day

Last week, on wednesday, stupidly (yes, that is where i stand), instead of going to the demonstrations against the rise of the tuition fees, i went on a open day to visit advertising agencies. To be honest i didn't know about the demonstration which reveals the good service given by my students union... There were no posters at school, no flyers, no nothing.

This post is not about that anyway, but i would like to show my admiration to Goldsmith University for their public approval on the riots that happened on the same day. From the university of the arts, not a single word, cowards. I am not to sure if i approve the riots, but i approve it more than my attitude, not going. Brilliant Bart...

Well, anyway and again, this post is not about that but more to share a talk that we had at LBi, a huge creative agency based in Brick Lane, with one of their creative director. Yes, that is him on the picture. It's 16 minutes long, bit boring i admit, but there are some nice tips inside. Well, actually i cannot post the video on this blog, so you can watch it (hear it) here.
On the same day we also went to Anomaly, Naked, Poke and Mother, all very big agencies. From them i got more and more the feeling that my mind is very business orientated and that i would love to one day work in advertising. Apparently things are changing and agencies like this one don't base their creative structure on an Art Director/Copy writer team, but rather allow everyone involved on a project to participate in the ideas generation process. I like this. I start thinking that maybe i could enter the advertising world trough, for example, a position on account handling... and then... eventually swapping to the proper creative department.. Well, this thoughts can be postponed for later...

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  1. all this world is rather new to me!but the way u describe it looks clear and exciting!