- Stunt advertising campaign

Playastation launched in November a campaign to promote the newest version of Grand Turismo 5. 
Where? At the heart of paris.

GT5 is the latest big name in the industry of console entertainment and have been investing enormously in advertising. Rather then just occupy billboard space, the responsible creative agency decided to bring some action to the streets. Professional pilots were invited and asked to drive trough les champs elysees, and perform two hours of driving to the aficionados of the game. They even had pit-stop stations for the delights of those that love everything around cars and engines.
I dont particulary like video games, i cannot play them, they take to long to understand and months to complete. What I would like is to one day to be able to work for an agency where campaigns like this can be thought of. It’s so simple, and probably so much cheaper than the thousands of euros that advertising on the underground costs, and, so brilliantly effective. Yet in a little more than a month this page on youtube counts with more than 450.000 visits, not bad... On top of that they had, and are having, media coverage for free, present in all French newspapers and related magazines. It works.

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