- Urban castaway


I've done this work last year.

I found those images today on my computer. Not that i had completely forgot them but, there they were, in a folder, inside another folder corresponding to my work from last year's course at the London College of Communication. 
These images were created for a typographical project where we had first to select a random object (prior even to know what the project was about...) and then brainstorm the object until a typographical solution.
My original object was a wire cutter which when photographed from certain angles, resembled a nail cutter. From that came the idea of carpentry nails that could be used as a writing tool if one finds himself with no ink to write with... And so was born (well, it took quite a while this process, there were many other ideas...) the castaway concept. Meanwhile i broke my arm on a bicycle accident, then came the final major project, then it lost urgency in being terminated, then it was never a finished project...


  1. the picture of the bottle is very dramatic. Is there a secret message in it?

  2. There is a cry for help from an Urban castaway