- 3D induction workshop

So, today i went to an induction workshop on 3D. Basically its a carpentry workshop. I loved it. I love working wood, and, my first thought was, why the hell did i not know about this last year. 
They have all sorts of machines to cut, straight, curved, to make holes, trenches, to make wood smoother... this things.
They also have a section for vacuum shaping things into plastic using heat. Great to create molds.
And then... the cherry on top of the cake, the biggest diamond on the crown, a laser cutting machine! The video shows how it works. You need to bring a vector based file and the machine reads exactly the lines. And so fast. It gives you this science fiction feel...
I would like, in fact, to use this for my recent project. It will probably not end up like this but i had thought of creating some huge ICA (lettering) structure that would sit in the space where people could, for example sit inside, leave messages, paint it.. lets see..
If you haven't done it yet, i highly recommend you do, well, this if you are studying in my college..

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