- Interacting with the space

This a very interesting video that i came across during my research for the new project. 
This is interesting. This is interactive. And it is a solution like this one that i would like to implement for the ICA (how to increase audience participation / interaction with the cultural space) instead of just a boring screen where people can touch to access information.
The idea here was to encourage people to take the staircase instead of the escalator. This scene happened at the Odenplan subway station in Stockholm. See more ideas like this here, rolighetsteorin.se 


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  2. Fantastic idea! I'm wondering if the last person shown in this film ever got to the top of the stairs ;) And it looks like it's not only made to encourage people to use the stairs but also to make them jump... bit unusual. Would be funny to take away the image of the keyboard and play this movie without a sound. Just see the funny people's behaviour on an ordinary looking stairs :)

  3. And you know the best? This was actually done by an agency DDB, in response to a brief presented by Wolgswagen! They wanted to promote their new Blue motion technology, that they claim to be more ecological. They haven't done anything related to the car, but somewhere, somehow you end up knowing what is it about.
    The project is called the fun theory.

  4. Would never guess it was made for Volkswagen!