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So, VCT restarted. Last Thursday was our second class. The theme for this term is graphic design history, and as an assignment we have to produce a timeline. We must determine what information fits inside, write about 1500 words on it, and, of course.. design it. Not an easy task.
On Thursday we got a bit of the first term, workshop feel. First we had a presentation from Monica, the Futurists, Constructivists, Punk..
Then we had (as always) only 10 minutes to produce a time line with some photocopied images that Monica passed to us. Ours, was based on a grid where you could read the work by countries, vertically, and, by time, horizontally.
It was interesting.
Meanwhile i am also reading a book about the history of graphic design. The concise history of graphic design by Richard Hollis, which i vividly recommend.

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