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Sometimes, whistle you are two hours over the time you should spend in front of your computer navigating the web, (and it's two in the afternoon) you find something that really makes your day. Sure, i may be exaggerating, but this video did really made my day. What a clever idea, my guinness! 

I don't need to explain the ad, you are a click away from it, and it's such a simple idea, that whatever i may say, will be just about filling this post with bland text.

But i had a further thought i would like to share. This idea is so powerful, that it cannot even be copied. Why, because if cocacola, let's say, would decide to copy, sure they would also generate their own attention, but someone would know the idea came from virgin, giving them free publicity, and accusing, in this case, cocacola, of being unoriginal and stealing ideas from others. Wuauau!

And, if you think about it, this cannot have been much more expensive to run than a simple video board... Pay the comedian his hourly rate.... that's it.

Be inspired.

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