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So, this is the invitation to the MA show happening at the Carberwell College of Arts from where i just arrived. I was really excited about this one, so, when i left home at 6:30 and planning to get there by 7, i was hopping to enjoy 2 hours of great work...

Well, i did, in a way. But then, as i was about to go to the Fine Art galleries a friendly fella tells me that the College was just about to close, not, therefore, as advertised on the Facebook invitation that i was sent. Bear in mind, at 8, it closes.

The first galleries i visited were the illustration ones, and there is some jaw-dropping work, really. In fact, most of the work is absolutely incredible, these will be the vanguard illustrators in a couple of years, no doubt about it. Then, of course, there is the average work, just some of it. Bad work, i haven't seen.

This guy's work, for example, was amazing. His name is Will Morris and the reason i picked his card and not from others, was due to the ammount of work he presented. Incredible. He made an entire comic book, very funny, about some Scotish fishermen. I guess the text has been written by him, in a nice Northen accent - "shite!" His personal blog is, willmorris.blogspot.com, check it out.

To be honest, i find it quite unfair to select this or other work out of what was on offer, but hey, my intention is uniquely to invite you to go there and see by yourselves. This one is by Weiyi Li and again, just one that for some reason catched my eye more than others. 

I find her work very unique - i mean, personal - , again, check some more of her work at weiyilicreation.tumblr.com, its well worth the few minutes it takes to explore.

Well, here is the last link with information on how to get there in case you came to my blog on time and want to have a go at it. Yes, it is free, of course.  http://newsevents.arts.ac.uk/event/camberwell-summer-shows-2011-ma

See you soon...

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