- The end of week 5

Today is the end of week five. I've been doing collages and some research for the GDF. This bloody collage project really consumes loads of time. I'm enjoying it, a lot, but sometimes i just have to put it a bit on the side, wait some time and then, when the feeling comes, makes something like 12 in a row, almost in trance. I've got 58 so far... (remember, we must do 100!)

I'm currently reading The designer's graphic stew by designer Timothy Samara. It's a book i bought i while ago and was disappointed with the format, found it a bit confusing. However, once you decode the way of using it, (which is in fact not that hard) you have access to really nice explanations and descriptions of graphic design works. Easy to read, i recommend. check it out, here.

I've been dealing with a client and some potential clients. I'm still to get my first payment as a graphic designer which is, i believe, an important milestone that needs to be place with care. I spend hours in front of the computer trying to send the right email, to be precise and not trap myself into a wrong deal or do mistakes.
Bellow is a sketch on a project i am working on at the moment. The client is a printer who deals with (the rather boring) tourist t-shirts. But hey, it's a job, £80 for the day's work. I space the work, dont work 8 hours straigh. I account the time i spend on it, usually bits of 2 hours. Not much, not very interesting, but excellent to start. Hopefully one day my design will be sold. No, i am not to sure if that is ever gonna happen. The guy, the printer, is cool but seems a bit messy. We met in his workshop. Really nice. Loads of screens (for printing) everywhere, ink, boxes, and many bits and bobs lying around. The environment i love... He showed me his machines, i helped him on cutting some stuff, we had some fags and a talk. He has an embroiding machine, really old, (it reads disketes, yes, those old squared ones) but this could one day be very useful to give a professional look to a project. On identity for example.

I've also been checking and exploring vimeo.com, an excellent source of inspiration. Here you can share your videos and other people ones. The difference to youtube is that here you have less rubbish. You will find the arty farty, but there is good stuff, from seeing some videos there i get a full loaf of ideas and immediately start thinking that i want to learn about film. This is being me..
Check here one first video that i've posted. It's called "friction", it's the sort of stuff that i want to start documenting and then hopefully do a project with.

Something that i've also been doing is linking all my social network accounts. I started this by deciding to say bye bye to my yahoo email account and joined the ultra powerfull Google. I finally have an iGoogle where my stuff is organised. I can access directly this blog, my email, and use google at the same time. On the iGoogle you have the possibility to add gadgets. These are like iphone aplications, there are loads of them, there is loads of rubbish, but there is some usefull stuff too. My advise, check it out.

So far i have an acount with carbonmade.com where i show my portfolio. Nowadays is not uptodate and so badly designed that i wont even share with you. Im working on changing to wix.com (here). They offer a much better value for money service, much more controlable, loads of templates to choose from, and, if you want to get rid of the anoying wix.com tabs and to have your own domain, that costs $16 a month. Web hosting included. That is very very cheap. On top they give you vouchers to spend on Facebook and Google advertising schemes.

I've been photographing in the streets in order to develop my idea for the type project we have. What i am doing is copying the concept of a project from a colleague o mine. Here is her blog. I want to capture the alphabet using landscape. I am not worry about copying the idea because it doesn't count for evaluation and i really like the outcome. Its a very cool project. Its in the back of my head, and, as i am walking, i suddenly see an M, or an T, iphone out, bang, street art. (or so i call it) I enjoy the spontaneity of the process. I dont go out to do it, i just wait for it to come and i must say the iphone really is a fantastic tool for the street reporter. (or so i entitle myself in this project).
Here is one. The P.

That's it, this was one week in bart's life.
Thanks for following.

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