- Carbon footprint

I investigated on the web about becoming greener and realised that it is the same as reducing your carbon footprint. This lead me to find a very useful web site, www.energysavingtrust.org.uk. Here you have all the information you need on how to reduce your carbon footprint. In this web site you can meticulously calculate your carbon emissions and, at the end, compare your results with the nation’s one. It has all the information you need, such as goals to achieve, tips, explanations. I recommend that you register with them, i did so i can better explore the message of our project. With this research i realised why do teenagers have so little ideas when it come to reducing the carbon foot print: is that most of the emissions come from the house you live in and their appliance, and, from travels. Teenagers don’t travel much abroad nor do they buy appliances for the house, nor do they have money to install a new heating. So i thought that for the message to have an impact, it needs to be used against our target audience but wanting to affect the household as a unit.

And research continues...

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