- Frame by frame animation

Today was nice, easy and inspiring.
At 11 i was half an hour late to the GDF group tutorial (or workshop, whatever it is called). The meeting went alright but i cannot not think that it could have been more productive. Daren was there, and if he lets it go this way, i guess thats how it should go.. Handed my week's research to the group colleagues. We made some exercises on ideas generation and not much else happened..
At 12 i was convinced to join the workshop (or whatever it is called) with David, on animation. GREAT. I did animation before. I did a diploma on animation two years ago, using Flash. Today, we used istopmotion, a program that makes frame by frame animation become muuuch easier. You need a camera, a tripod, a surface, and a story. The rest is easy. You can see the two videos i did today in class.

We worked, fast, in a group. I am fascinated about this animation technique we've learned. I want to do more videos like this. You can also check, here, the work of the artist, Blu, using the same technique. After lunch we had PPD session with Catherine. We talked about work placements. We researched different design agencies, and we did exercises on how to approach them.
Easy, lovely day.

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