- The power of feelings

This is a fabulous advert i found while doing my unfruitable research for my rebrand project. I think it works so well with the feelings of those who cannot finf love (or whatever people are looking for...). Like a very very short romantic comedy, where at the end you feel irritated because your eyes almost started to water. One minute and 2 seconds later, you realise you can have that at the distance of a couple of clicks. (and some few pounds, to pay the subscription) Match.com...
The agency responsible for this ad is Mother, from London, available on the side of this blog as a link.

"Unfruitable" means, that produced no fruits. I couldn't be more stuck in this project, really...
Tomorrow is another day... Got to be positive init? Uff!


  1. Yep - that's how love starts - spontaneously & randomly - not on a dating site! Sorry to hear you stuck mate - I am too - and it sounds like everyone else is.... Good luck with that shit...

  2. Do disagree, just because you use a site to meet people it doesn't mean your forcing love. Some pick up strangers in bars, others enroll in language classes or join the gym to meet new people, why not the dating site?


  3. I have nothing against this type of services, and, if i was in need, i would certainly consider using it. 21st century... databases... no time... why not merging it all together and speed up things..?
    But what i think is that the ad is fabulous.